Social Media Marketing Management

So are you interested in growing your traffic/customer base or business?. 

I can help!. I have worked with Social Media giants on their Marketing specific teams!. 

I know what exactly works and how to develop a organic and paid audience who are interested and engaged. I have seen many times businesses not use social media to it's full potential. 

I know  how to run ads and campaigns that will work as I have seen it umteen times what works for businesses and what does not as I have dealt with it for 8 hours a day with a social media giant helping people with Marketing queries and their campaigns and so know from experience from clients spending alot on campagins. 

Consultancy begins from just €60 a meeting and I know you will be amazed how I can get new custom for your business. 

Please don't hesitate to contact me for consultancy or on running a campaign for you. I know you will be massively impressed with the results and your new custom!. 


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