Can you come to the house before the wedding to get preparing shots?


Certainly that's my style of telling a linear story so getting ready for the big day is a part of this!. My main photography style is photoreportage so this suits me and the photos are always better for this.


Can you photograph at the Hotel in the Evening?


Yes of couse I stay until the evening and do all the important formal shots for your wedding or event.


Where is the best place to have my photos taken?


Wherever you want, I don't like to dictate to people where they'll look best so I shoot where they want and it always works out best like this.


Do you have a studio and where is it?

I don't own one but I can rent one out in the Dublin  City very easily if the need arises and do occassionally. I can also recreate studio lighting in peoples homes with flashguns and stands and people like having pictures taken in the comfort of their own home.   I do have portfolios, photography folders and tearsheets to show to clients my printed work and they can meet me in the comfort of their own home.


How do you get ideas for photo projects?

 A Leprachaun called Randy tells me the ideas in my dreams! If he's not available I just think whatever will make interesting or amusing photos that isn't something I've seen done too much beforehand and makes me laugh I'm also inspired by photographers like Martin Parr,Basil Pao, John Hinde and Bob Carlos Clarke. It's also nice when people tell you what they like and this can make you shoot more of that kind of image. I am interested in colour too, like bright vibrant pictures. 


What do you take pictures of?


3 main areas would be portraits, wedding and projects. If I could describe what I'm trying to convey in words I'd be a writer!. Photography is it's own medium and I try and make photos that capture the world as I see it, if people like them it's a big plus.


What reaction do you get to photo projects/Exhibits?

 Good, it's mainly women I get feedback from and people like it, I hope to do more exhibits soon based on provocative thought provoking themes.



What equipment do you use?

 Canon 5D cameras and L series lenses, manfrotto tripods, Hoya Filters, Sandisk Ultra memory cards and Ilford films and paper.


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